Homeschooling lends great opportunities to learn about the world around us in “real time”. If you live in the midwest, chances are that you will be affected by the 17 periodical insects also known as Brood X. So, instead of being scared or annoyed by these creatures, why not learn about them? Not only will it be a science lesson, but you can also have your child write about them, draw pictures, make an origami cicada, count how many they see (if you live in SW Ohio, there will be plenty to count, especially in older neighborhoods).

Cicada Information

I found some great resources for you to learn about these buggies. The Cincinnati Enquirer had an article that I found helpful to learn about hem. CLICK HERE

I also found a cicadas worksheet packet that includes a lapbook that you can use either for copywork or if you have younger students, they can cut the information out and glue onto the information tabs. Homeschool Den

You can help map the 2021 emergence of the periodical cicada Brood X by downloading a free app called Cicada Safari. You can learn more about it by going to their website: Cicada Safari. This website also has an origami cicada that you can make.

Try it, you’ll like it! Did you know you can eat them? According to what I read, “Periodical cicadas are best eaten when they are still white, and they taste like cold canned asparagus. Like all insects, cicadas have a good balance of vitamins, are low in fat, and, especially the females, are high in protein.” (source Uh- no thank you!

For you insect enthusiasts who do not have any cicadas in your area, look on the map and see where they will be. Plan a road trip on a hot day and you can see and hear them. Choose an older park such as Ault Park (Cincinnati) to see them.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

Exoskeletal shells of cicadas after they emerge.
adult cicadas

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