Finishing Strong with your Homeschool

Hang in there! You are so close to finishing the school year. This last couple of weeks can be some of the toughest as you near the end of school. The finish line is in sight, just keep going!

You may be seeing that you have more textbook to finish than school days. Don’t panic. Here is something to consider: Will some of these topics be covered again next year? They most likely are since the first couple of lessons typically review previous concepts. If not, then concentrate on teaching this. You can also start your school year with things you didn’t finish this year if they are foundational. Many times you will see that the lessons towards the end of the year are review of what has been learned.

Switch up your schedule. Routine can get b-o-r-i-n-g. What about instead of doing math first you start with a read aloud or a baking lesson? I like the baking lesson because you can be learning about measurement, some chemistry, and fixing breakfast. 🙂

Reflect with your son/daughter what they have accomplished this year. Did they learn to read? Was division hard for them and now it is easier?

Countdown! Make a tear away calendar so that you and your child can count down the number of days you have left. It’s motivating to see there are fewer days and a break is in sight.

Celebrate with your child! Once you finish have one big We Did It day. Pack a picnic lunch, go to the park, and finish it off with a favorite dessert. Or, do whatever is fun for your family.

I am celebrating with you! Congratulations as you complete this school year. While assessments have been waived this year, I am still meeting virtually with families. If you are interested you can sign up by going to

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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