5 Fun Science Websites for Kids

Science can be more interesting with websites. Children can explore while learning about various science topics.

  1. Switcheroozoo has quite a few things for your budding scientist to explore. Switch Zoo is an interactive activity where new animals can be created.  Other things to do are: Build a Biome, Please DO Feed the Animals, Sound Match, and Where Do I live? (geography is incorporated too!)Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.04.01 PM
  2. ThoughtCo has activities that will be sure to have your child wanting to try RIGHT NOW! Slime, rock candy, Flubber, crystals, and candy chromatography are a few of the 20 chemistry activities that are found here.  Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.11.56 PM
  3. Teachers Try Science has STEM projects to make. There are so many projects to that you can be busy for most of your academic year trying these experiments! Got Gas? Rocket Pinwheels, DNA Detective, and Mysterious Melodies are just a few to try. There are also lessons for teachers.
  4. Science Bob not only has fun experiments to do, but also have science fair ideas. with pdf files for you to download to help your scientist. Speaking of science fairs, what about doing a science night next spring and inviting friends and family over to enjoy what your son/ daughter has learned this year? Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.35.59 PM
  5. STEAM Powered Family has numerous activities that include: Making your own Bath Bombs, Erupting Black Holes,  the Periodic Table of Elements Bingo, and Making A Water Clock and Water Projects.Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.43.50 PM

Combating Isolation in Homeschooling


Homeschooling can lend itself to becoming isolated. I remember once when the boys were young I was desperate for another adult voice. Anyone. Would. Do. I have never been a fan of recorded messages, but I remember vividly the one that began, “Hello! This is Bob from Hollywood!” I was so happy to hear his voice, even though it was a recording and he really didn’t call me to chat. I realized then that I needed to find other women who had chosen to homeschool. I don’t think I would have done very well had I not found others in whom I could confide and be encouraged.

I consider homeschooling to be a profession, a calling, and a lifestyle and not always an easy thing to do. As we embark on this school year I am encouraging you to find others who you can talk with, who you can share about your struggles and your victories. You need a cheerleader who can rejoice with you as you tell them about listening to your son read a book on their own, watching your daughter divide 3,978 by 32, or helping your son write a story.

Maybe you are thinking, “That’s all good for you to say, Lisa, but how do I do that?” I am glad you asked! I do not have an exhaustive list, but I pray that these ideas can happen for you or give you ideas to help.

Invite a family over for a play date.  You don’t want to mess up the house or them to see your mess? That was my case, the house was a mess and I just wanted to get out for a while.  You could meet at a park for PE, share a picnic lunch, give the children a chance to meet others, and burn off some steam.

Join a homeschool support group. There are Facebook groups of homeschoolers and you could see if there is a group that meets in your area. If there is not, would you be willing to create a group? You can meet at a park, library, or a coffee shop. I was thrust into being the leader of a group, but I loved it and that group was a lynchpin for me throughout my years of homeschooling.

Listen to podcasts about homeschooling. Here is one that has all sorts of topics; I am sure you will find something to encourage you. This can help you not feel so isolated.  Homeschool Snapshots 

Call a friend or family member who is homeschool friendly and ask them if you can get together regularly. They don’t have to be homeschooling themselves, but that would be a bonus!

Talk to your husband. If you are married and your husband is supportive of you homeschooling, talk to him. I would start off with the good things that happened today and then discuss any difficulties you are having. There were many days where all I could think of that was positive is we went to school. 🙂  I did find it very helpful to just have a listening ear. Dale couldn’t solve the problems, but he could give me his time, which I really appreciated. I also realized that if he somewhat “knew”  what was happening he felt more involved in our school.

Find a mentor. I can’t thank the ladies who helped me enough when I homeschooled. I was scared I was going to mess up my children, forget to teach them something vital (like their name), or wonder why I was doing this. The women who had been homeschooling longer than me were a Godsend to encourage and help me. If you don’t have anyone local, you can still meet online and share concerns over a cup of coffee or a soda.

Have a great week! Find some people to encourage and support you and be a blessing to them too!

By the way, The picture at the beginning of my post made me laugh and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

– Lisa- 


10 End of Summer Activities


School is just about to begin and It seems like it just got started. I heard that weatherman already counting down the days we have left until fall begins. What?! I want to enjoy every single day of summer, don’t you? Here are some possibilities I am considering for my family:

Water day– Running through the sprinkler, splashing in a water table, squirting water guns, throwing water balloons are all so much fun!

Zoo– If you haven’t gone to the zoo yet, think about going and spending the day out. If it isn’t possible to go, here is a website with several zoos that have virtual field trips: CLICK HERE

Read favorite books– How about grabbing some books and sitting under a tree on a blanket or curling up in a chair on the porch or in the house? My kids loved to read on their own but loved me reading to them too.

Bubble day– Make your own or buy them at the store. Keep score of how many bubbles were popped, time how long the bubbles stayed in the air, which one floats the farthest.

Get a treat– How about going out for ice cream or making a favorite summer dessert?

Take a day trip– A change of scenery does wonders for our family. Every time I get away from the house I wonder why we don’t do it more often. 🙂

Catch fireflies–  Here in SW Ohio we have a lot of fireflies and it’s fun to run around and catch them. You can observe one for a while and release it. They are pretty slow and even little ones can catch one. Don’t have these where you live, how about a game of flashlight tag?

Take a Walk or Go for a Bike or Car Ride- I find this is a great way to connect with my family. We can point out things we see and share common experiences.

Pack a Picnic- Eating on a picnic blanket or at a picnic table is a little bit of work, but has created great memories for our family.

Game Night–  For younger family members you can draw, color, play with Playdoh, or blocks. For older family members you can play board or card games.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~






Completing the Home Education Notification Form

I thought this worth posting since school is just around the corner.

Schoolmarm Ohio

photoIt’s nearly time for school to begin! You may be wondering, “How do I  let the school know I am going to homeschool?”

In order to homeschool here in the great state of Ohio, you must submit the necessary paperwork in order for your child(ren) to be excused from compulsory attendance. The notification form can seem a bit intimidating, but once you have gone through this step-by-step explanation you will realize it wasn’t too difficult after all. Please have the Ohio Home Education NOTIFICATION FORM  in front of you for reference. This is not legal advice- please contact HSLDA or a state/local homeschool organization if you have questions.

A. This is just the introduction- no need to put anything here.

(1) Fill in the upcoming school year- Write the current school year on the blank.

(2) Write your name and address. There is no need for you to…

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Amoeba Sisters: Biology Fun

Biology can be boring, intimidating and frustrating if you don’t have an understanding of the topic. I have a great resource for you called Amoeba Sisters. These are 10 minute or less videos with fun cartoons and interesting biology topics. They also have gifs that you can print off as well as worksheets.

Here is a link to the videos:  Amoeba Sisters 

What about looking at their website? Clicking on the picture will take you to the website.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 9.28.05 AM

Have a fabulous week! ~Lisa~