Clarifying Notification for Homeschooling in Ohio


imagesAre you ready for school? Have you filled out the Home Education Notification Form? Are you confused on what exactly is point number 6 and how is that different from point 7? After all, these are to be attachments along with the notification form and it can be confusing. This point states that you will “provide a brief outline of the intended curriculum for the current year.”

The word curriculum might have you confused since the term is interchanged with the textbooks, commercial curricula, and basic teaching materials that are listed in point 7. I Googled the word to the exact meaning and it says, “the subjects comprising a course of study in a school.” Did a lightbulb and a, “Oh! I see now!” just happen for you? 🙂

In case it is still not clear, I will continue… This does not need to be pages of everything you are intending to have your son/ daughter study this year because there are the crucial words brief outline included in the statement and that was intentional. So, let me give you an example of what that looks like. If you have a third-grade student and you plan on using Bob Jones Science as your main textbook, you can list three or four topics instead of copying the entire Table of Contents.  The topics that are studied throughout the year are animals, the solar system, skin, photosynthesis, sound, weather, rocks and minerals, motion, and food chains. Choose four from that list to use on your outline. Perhaps you are going to study clouds and weather patterns for a week, or your daughter/son is a rockhound and loves discovering fossils and reading books about them; you are going to plant a garden, and you are going to go to the planetarium and are going to watch a Brain Pop video about the solar system. Terrific!  Choose those the topics (weather, rocks and minerals, photosynthesis, solar system)  to list for your outline. The school is looking to see that you have given thought to the topics you are going to teach and are prepared.

Point number 7 requires that you submit “a list of textbooks, correspondence courses, commercial curricula or other basic teaching materials that you (the parent) intend to use for home education. ” After hours of research, talking to other homeschool families, reading reviews, and scouring the internet for what you think is the best curriculum for your student, this is the easy part! You’ve got this! You list what you are going to be using throughout the year to educate your child. If you are using My Father’s World, Teaching Textbooks, Reading Eggs, Liberty’s Kids videos, and library books, that will be great! The school is not looking at whether you are using the latest edition of a textbook. They are looking to see that you have given thought as to what you are using to teach your student.

How you decide to list points 6 and 7 is up to you. I wrote each of the subjects I was teaching and then listed the topics we were intending to study that year (point 6). On a separate piece of paper, I listed the books, videos, and a general statement of various library and internet resources since we used these resources extensively.




As I was talking to a friend this morning we were sharing about different people whose life circumstances are difficult. We concluded that we are truly blessed and what we think is a “Big Deal” really isn’t. I am choosing to be thankful. When I concentrate on all of the blessings and good things I have, how can I complain?

Write It Down I thought I should take some steps to see this happen as I am really not a journal writer, but I am a list person. I took 5 minutes to jot down major categories (God, family, friends, homeschooling, etc.) and then broke each of those into subcategories.


Review the List I am going to date this and review it once a day (hopefully more often than that!) this week, dwelling on the good things that I have in my life. When I am tempted to grouse about something or am tempted not to be thankful, I will get my list out and read it again.

Share It I really think to share one thing you are thankful with someone encourages. It not only encourages you to continue to think about the good things that are happening, but it also encourages the other person with whom you are sharing. Good news is appreciated since we seem to hear so much of the bad news.


Thankful for you!  ~ Lisa ~

Givin’ When You Ain’t Got Nuthin’

gazing globe lake

Have you ever come to the end of yourself and just thought there is nothing left to give of yourself to your child(ren)? Your husband? Have you ever felt like burying your head in the covers and not coming out? I certainly have! So, how do you go on? What do you do to get yourself out of the emotional mess?

Concentrate on the positive. Think of one good thing and write it down. I find taking the time to do this gets my mind off of the circumstance I am in at the time. One positive thought usually leads to another, and then another.

This is a season. It won’t always be like this.  YOU will have a better day. Your children will have a better day. Know that this will pass and better times are ahead.

  • Recharge. Meet a friend for coffee or exercise. Yep, that is better than seeing a therapist. Pay for the coffee and treat yourself and your friend to a goodie or go for a run or a bike ride. It’s nice to get out and away from the family for a little while. You will likely gain a new perspective and be able to give to your family if you get away to recharge.
  • Refuel. Are you eating well or are you eating junk food? I find that if I am not eating like I should I don’t have energy and things upset me more easily. I  am grouchy and irritable. Make yourself an energy shake or eat a handful of nuts.
  • Relax. Go for a walk, read your bible a good book, listen to a podcast, watch a favorite movie, sit outside, listen to some calming music. Do something that will bring you peace and help you unwind.
  • Renew. Call someone who will support you. Ask for that person to pray for you and/ or listen. I recently had some less-than-good news and instead of staying down, I called someone. It helped to know they were listening.

Pull weeds, tear up old school papers, scrub a tub. There is just something gratifying to me in being able to tear out nasty weeds or rip up a bunch of papers that I have been needing to get rid of. I have been known to really go after soap scum in the bathtub when I am grumpy. I am being constructive and destructive all at the same time! lol

Concentrate on someone besides yourself. I think this is the best thing I can say. When I get my thoughts off myself and concentrate upon my family and my friends, I find what was bothering me was really not as bad as I thought. 🙂

May you have a great week! I know things can be tough and kids can be demanding. Take care of yourself.


Love, Lisa



Opportunities to Help Others

Helping others is one of the best things you can do to let children see the needs of others. There are organizations that you can take your children to help as well as ministries where you can send money if you are not able to go. How you go about choosing who to help can be a daunting task since the need is great.

Have a family meeting to decide who/ what comes to mind that needs help. I like to start at home and then reach out from there. Look around and see if there is a need (chores to do, a kind word or deed).  Is there an extended family member or friend that needs help with finances, an encouraging word, or yard work, babysitting, grocery shopping, etc?

If you do not have anyone with a particular need, then what about volunteering at: your church, a homeless shelter, or volunteer on the Great American Clean Up Day or contact a local agency that has a park cleanup.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.03.11 AM

I have a worksheet to help you and your children decide what you would like to do. I think it would be great if your daughter or son is old enough to help you decide who to help or where to go.  Helping Others

Enjoy your day and post a comment if you have an idea to help others or you did something kind for someone.  A friend just wrote about someone paying for their lunch! My neighbor heard I was having a big family gathering and volunteered her folding chairs for us to use. How thoughtful is that?

~ Lisa~

Fun Summer Outdoor Ideas


Summer is here and that means more free time for your children. How can you help them find more constructive things to do than sit in the house and play video games? How about trying some of the following ideas?

Bike, scooter riding– You can also tackle safety topics and have this crossed off your list for school should you need to teach this. (In Ohio it is a requirement.)

Water activities– Water table, running through a sprinkler, squirt guns, water balloons, are all fun ways to be active AND cool.

Sidewalk activities– Hopscotch, sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, drawing a “road” with chalk for the children to drive their bikes and scooters along will keep the children busy.

Reading books– How about putting out a blanket under a tree and providing ice cold water and some fruit to nibble on while enjoying a book? Do you have a porch? What about letting your youngster set up a “library” there? With a medium-sized plastic bin, a pencil, and some index cards for customers to check out a book,  your daughter/son can act as a librarian and have family and friends check out books. The books don’t have to leave your house unless you want them to do so.

Picnic lunch– My mom would pack us a lunch, put it in a brown paper bag, and send us outside to eat at the outdoor table. I enjoyed doing that since I felt like I was on an adventure. You make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Make a fort- This can be indoors or outdoors. With a couple of sheets for the shelter and a few old pillows to sit upon, your son will have a blast! Your daughter might decide to decorate the inside of it and never want to come out. 🙂

Enjoy your day!  ~Lisa~