Project-Based Learning for High School

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Not everyone learns best by the traditional means of reading a textbook, and some subjects are better through hands-on experiences. I happened across a website that offers classes in the format of projects that are live, virtual project-based classes.

Sora offers a wide variety of work + study projects that students are doing with businesses and organizations. Pupils get the opportunity to collaborate with other  classmates and professionals to build a portfolio of real life experiences. High school credit is also given when students complete the class. Currently there are three tracks that are available: Content Writing, Graphic Design, and Video Editing, with plans to offer more areas of study.

Online classes are 5 Days/Week from 9:30AM-1:00PM EST and the student must complete 180 hours for each class.  A pupil can be enrolled in either their full-time program ($300-$800 per month) or their part-time program ($250-$500 per month). Some other nice features are grades and transcripts are given for completed classes and there are counselors to help guide your student with the graduation process. I think is a great help and takes the pressure off of you to decide credits given, classes to take, etc.

Sora offers an Open House for you to be able to see what it would be like to attend. This would be a way to have a first-hand experience of the program. Your student will participate in workshops and meet some of the students and staff. Here is the link for the Open House: CLICK HERE

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NASA Image of the Day

Do you have any space enthusiasts in your house? With amazing pictures and interesting headlines, NASA Image of the Day is just the resource to inspire your want-to-be astronaut or astronomer. There are pictures of current discoveries as well as pictures from past space programs. Here is just a sampling of what is shown on the website.

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The image below shows you the information that accompanies each daily photograph.

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 Reach for the stars!  ~Lisa~ 

Homeschool Planet

downloadI have heard of Homeschool Planet over the years and always intended to check it out. I wish I had done this earlier because this looks like a great resource for you. Homeschool Planet has taken the unenviable task out of lesson planning and record keeping, giving you more time to spend teaching and being with your family. When you purchase the lesson plan bundle it will automatically schedule your whole year or semester for you. Right there is something to consider and what a time-saving feature this is for you! The lesson plan package gives you the publisher- recommended course of study; assignments with boxes to check off to show completed work; and automatic lesson updates if you need to change things. Other features include:

  • “Daily Digest” email reminders to help you and your child stay on track
  • Grade your student’s work to recognize or reward completion.
  • Track attendance for states where this is required.
  • Generate reports and reminders

There are so many subject areas to choose from (language arts, science, math, history, art, unit studies, and other subject areas). You can see if you like it since they have a one week free trial to see if you like it. HOMESCHOOL PLANET

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Ohio Homeschool Assessments Update 2020

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This past week there was an Ohio Senate bill (SB 319) that introduced the waiving of academic assessments for homeschooling students. Please take the time to read the article so you are familiar with what is happening.

Many families have chosen to still do a portfolio review and I would be happy to meet with you (Zoom, phone, or another means that you prefer). You can email me at: for more details or see this previous post pertaining to portfolio reviews for this year.

June 3, 2020

From CHEO’s Legislative Liaison, Melanie Elsey:


SB 319 has been introduced by State Senator Matt Huffman and it addresses a number of state policies affected by COVID-19.

For home educating families it corrects an omission error in HB197 which was enacted 2 months ago to waive state assessment requirements for all students in all education venues (public and private).

HB197 (as passed) included language to waive standardized assessments for homeschool assessment reporting but left in place the requirement for portfolio assessments (written narratives). The State Board of Education recognized this omission and unanimously passed a resolution at their May meeting to direct the State Superintendent to seek a legislative change to waive the requirement for the entire assessment report for home educated students.

CHEO has been advocating for a waiver of the entire assessment report for the past two months in both the House and Senate. This is important because there are families with medically fragile special needs children or older adults living in their households with medical conditions that place them at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19 if the state retains a requirement to complete an assessment report that includes a process of meeting with an assessor in person.

While CHEO recognizes that some families will choose to complete this assessment option at no risk to themselves, we have heard from families who are concerned about the risk due to their unique circumstances.

To be clear, CHEO did not ask for the exemption when HB197 was enacted, but we caught the error in the “partial exemption” and recognized the negative impact on families by not waiving the entire assessment report. CHEO has been working since March 27th to correct the error.

The language now proposed in SB319 waives the regulatory requirement to submit an assessment report (which includes all forms of assessments) when submitting a notification of intent to continue to home educate this fall. Families notifying for the first time would not be required to include an assessment report so this pertains to families who are re-notifying for a subsequent year.


Please contact your STATE SENATOR and ask for his/her support for SB319.
Please express appreciation for Section 17, paragraph L —Sec.17(L) which fixes the error in previous legislation to waive the state’s assessment requirement for home educated students. Link to SB 319 and the LSC Analysis. Scroll to the portions highlighted in yellow.

Please contact your STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE to give him/her a heads up that SB319 has been introduced and you would appreciate his/her support when it comes over to the House for consideration.

If you are not sure who your legislators are, please either call your county board of elections and ask for the phone number of your state senator and state representative in Columbus OR use this link and fill in your address in the search box.

Please share this alert with family and friends. Even if this policy does not affect you please consider calling your legislators to ask for their support.

Thank you so much!

Having Healthy Kids

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Being healthy is important in order for us to live life to its fullest. It is also a subject that we are required to teach as Ohio homeschool parents. 🙂 Today I want to focus on how to help our children stay mentally healthy. The news coverage of Covid-19 and now the unrest of the nation affects all of, even our children. So, how do we help them not be fearful when they hear or experience things that are sacry?

Let them know they do not need to be afraid. As a parent, I know you would do anything in your power to keep your son/ daughter safe. Reassure him/her of that and they can come to you whenever they feel scared. I know we tell our children that when situations arise, but let them know this often. I have to admit, I don’t always like being the grown-up and I would rather not be the “strong one”. However, if I can bring peace and stability to my children and now grandchildren, I will gladly be the person who says it’s going to be okay. My hope and peace are in things eternal.

What are ways you can help your child overcome fear?

  • Talk about what is scaring them. Sometimes we think we know what it is that is causing our children to be afraid, but it might not be that at all. It will help them to voice their concerns.
  • Validate them and their feelings. It doesn’t help to just dismiss what your daughter or son is afraid of, let them know it’s okay to be scared. Fear is a good thing when it is not blown out of proportion. You have taught your son not to play with matches because it is harmful and that is a healthy parameter to have in our lives.
  • Reassure them that you are there for them. When I am scared I talk to my husband. He doesn’t always have to offer a solution, but just a listening ear helps me to be able to talk about what is causing me to be afraid.
  • Sit close to your child, hug them. Sharing something that is scary makes you feel vulnerable. Just being close will help your child feel that security they need. If you don’t think they would be open to a hug, give them a pat on the hand, a squeeze on their shoulder or a quick side-hug. I can’t help it, I give my family hugs even when they are out of sorts because I want them to know I care and that’s one way I show them.
  • Write a note of encouragement. It’s nice to have something for your child to refer back to after you have talked. Maybe your child doesn’t want to talk about what is bothering them. They will know you love them and you are there for them if you write a note. It doesn’t have to be long or mushy. lol  Just an, ” I love you and am here for you” is all that is needed sometimes.
  • Check back at a later date. See how your son/ daughter is doing. It is reassuring to  know you haven’t forgotten.  If they are still fearful and it is getting in the way of their everyday activities, you may want to talk with someone like  a doctor or counselor about it.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~