Considering Joining a Co-op?

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It may seem like it’s a bit early to be considering joining a co-op for the coming year, but actually, now is the time to do so. If you wait until next fall it will be too late for you to join for most of them. I have a Co-op tab on the right hand side of my blog that has a list of all of the ones that I know that are in the Greater Cincinnati area. (I do have information on one out of town co-op as well.)

You may have some questions concerning co-ops. I hope to answer most of the questions you may have.

  • How old should my children be for us to attend? Co-ops have specific ages and grade levels. You don’t have to be in a co-op. Choose what is best for your family, not because other people are in a co-op.
  • What kind of co-op should I choose? Some are faith-based, and others are not. Find out if the co-op’s worldview aligns with yours. Some offer classes for most subjects while others are more focused on science or fine arts. Remember, if the co-op doesn’t fit your family, then find other opportunities.
  • What days and times do they meet? Most meet once a week.
  • When does the co-op begin for the year? When does it finish? Generally, co-ops begin on the fall and finish in the spring.
  • What is your commitment to being in the co-op? Do you have to teach a class? How much volunteering do you have to do? If it is a true co-op then you stay on the premises and have a job(s) to do.
  • Is there a cost? Most have a cost and some can be be out of your budget, be sure to check before signing up. Some co-ops offer sibling discounts or give you a free class if you teach.
  • Where is it located? My sons made lifetime friends at their co-ops because they did things outside of the days we met. It wasn’t too far from the house so it was easy to have friends over after co-op or meet other days.
  • Do they have something for you? I loved that we had a place for adults to visit because that is where I felt I made connections, asked schooling questions, and received support.

I hope these questions have helped you while you consider a homeschool co-op.

Have a great week. ~Lisa~

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