End of the School Year Considerations

The end of the traditional school year is quickly approaching and you may be wondering what to do to finish the school year. Here are some things I liked to do when there were about six weeks left.

Check to see if all areas of study have been covered. If your child is still struggling with multiplication, then review over the summer with fun ways to continue to keep those facts fresh. (Concentration, matching product to problem, playing the card game War, race mom to see who can skip count fastest)

If there are still new concepts to be covered, then be sure to teach these before the end of the year.

Although assessments have been waived again this year, perhaps doing a standardized test such as the California Achievement Test or having a teacher assessment will give you guidance for next year and help you with decision making for next year.

End your year with a celebration! Your child(ren)has worked hard and so have you! The party can be planned by your daughter/son. it can be a simple dinner of pizza and a favorite dessert followed by a family movie or an activity. You can reflect on the year with accomplishments and areas that you saw progress. Everyone wants to feel that they are successful.

Consider assigning schoolwork over the summer. My sons would have to read and do some math several days a week. They could read books that interested them, sometimes it was comic books (Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts), joke books, a book about an animal, etc. I allowed them to pick out what they wanted to read and no book reports were assigned. 🙂

Have a great week! ~ Lisa ~

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