Copywork and Dictation

I was just enjoying the beautiful falling snow outside my window and it gave me inspiration to create some quotes with a January theme for copywork and/or dictation. So, why do I think copywork is worth spending time on; isn’t it more busywork? Actually, there are quite a number of essential benefits that I see in this practice.


helps students to become faster with writing, thus, students can complete copying work and writing more quickly.

causes students to slow down and look at the words, helping them with spelling.

helps students who need practice with their fine motor skills.

helps dyslexic students. When students write the letters and make the sounds as they are copying, it helps the brain make the connections between letters and sounds.

helps practice with handwriting. I encourage you to teach cursive to your child. We need our students to be able to read historical documents and they will not be able to do so if we have not taught them to read and write it. Cursive has also been shown to help dyslexic students.

creates an activity for your child to concentrate.

gives the students exposure to wonderful descriptions, quotes, and literature.

provide the opportunity to add artistic flair to the written passages.

Dictation is when you read the passage to your student and they write what you have spoken. Your child studies the passage before you begin the dictation. At first, you can start with you writing the passage and leave a few words out that your pupil must write. The goal is to work up to the point where you read the entire passage and your student writes it.


causes students to listen carefully.

provides the opportunity to see correct punctuation. What better examples than to see how passages are written in actuality instead of your child just reading about it in a textbook.

gives your student circumstances to write quickly and, therefore, will help in taking notes. At the beginning of the year I talk more slowly when I teach than later in the year because I expect my students to be able to keep up, and they are able to do so since they have had practice taking notes.

I have created a copywork page for January with quotes and poems that I believe you find useful. There are some quotes that will lead to some great discussions.  I am including a link so that you can download it for your family’s use. january-copywork-dicatation-passages  I hope you enjoy the cartoon.

My friend and colleague, Rita Cevasco has a couple of videos that she explains copywork in more detail. CLICK HERE She also has a free webinar coming up and a class on spelling and phonics. Signups for these two events are soon.



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