Pigeon: Helping with Health

Why don’t children in general like to take showers or baths? Maybe it is because they don’t want to take time out because they feel they will miss out on all the fun they are having. Or, the water gets to cold, or they don’t like wrinkly fingers…(those were all of my excuses!)

As I have posted on my blog recently, health is an area that homeschool moms don’t think to include  when teaching. You do not have to use a formal text, but take some time to write down a few topics you are covering so that you can check it off of your “subjects studied this year ” list.

I found a cute book that I think will naturally lead into the topic of personal hygiene. You won’t have to point fingers at your child, but watch the story of Pigeon unfold and hopefully, point out some things that happens to him as a result of needing a bath.

You can watch a video or read the book. I wonder if you can entice your reluctant bath-taker by reading the book to them while they are in the bath?? 🙂


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