Geography Ideas

Science has proven the more senses you involve when learning something new, the more it will help you to remember it. I can use all the help I can get and I think that might be true for your child as well.

I had the opportunity this summer  to see a book, Draw the USA, that your child can use for geography throughout the years. Using their artistic abilities, amazing maps can be created. Even if she is not an artist, she can still be successful with this since it is a step-by-step drawing book that begins with a basic shape and not attention given to every nook and cranny of the states. Draw the USA is broken into a step-by-step process and can be done as a  year long project as you are studying the states. I can guarantee that your budding geographer will remember the states better using this technique.

If your child would become frustrated with this, then purchase some tracing paper. He will benefit from this and you can always use the book again when he is capable of drawing it on his own. This book will certainly be a resource that you will use time and time again.

If, for whatever reason, you choose not to have your student draw, then you can purchase puzzles of  the United States. As she is working the puzzle, have her say the names of the states as she places it in the correct spot. Hearing, seeing, touching, involve quite a number of senses to aid in memorization.

You can also purchase placemats and ask questions of your children when you eat. For instance: “What state is north of Ohio?” or  “What states are along the west coast?”

When you are studying geography it is beneficial to have other supports or materials to help your student with the concept of landforms and geographical boundaries. I suggest purchasing a large wall map such as this one by Rand McNally so that you can study the states more in depth, looking at physical features such as mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, plains, etc.


Atlases are excellent hands-on tools that children can study maps in greater detail. You can also teach exact location (latitude, longitude) better this way. We use atlases, such as the one pictured below, in my World Geography class when studying geography. Be sure to get an up-to-date atlas if you are studying the world as countries are renamed or even created, South Sudan and Kosovo come to mind.


This author, Kristin J. Draeger, also has Draw the Europe; Draw Africa; Draw Asia; and Draw Canada and you can use the same ideas for teaching geography in these areas of the world as well. Hang your child’s finished works on the wall of your schoolroom when you finish. You may even want to join them and include your drawings on the wall!








3 thoughts on “Geography Ideas

    • Great question, Lacy! I think students ages 8-12 would do well with the books, depending upon ability. But, you could also have students 13 and older use this as per their interest level. I would use this myself since I lack confidence and artistic ability. 🙂


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