One thought on “Understanding the Portfolio Review

  1. I know this process can be a bit scary so I wanted to include a note from a friend who is the president of the Butler County Educational Services (schoolboard).

    In case anyone cares…. my daughter, Rosie LOVES Lisa! My point is- Lisa is safe! Lisa is thorough! Lisa will work with your situation and add perspective to even the most yucky unproductive year… she will encourage you by observing the posititve and even showing you how to work with the negative!!

    Yes, I said safe! There are many state qualified certified teachers who don’t have a clue as to what a home spun education can look like. I’ve been to court with some well meaning educators who really thought they knew what was ‘best” for someone else’s child. Trust me… home education can have many faces and still be God ordained!

    Also, there are many willing to “just sign the form” for your money. Well… I like getting something for my money! And, Rosie has a good solid relationship with her.

    Thanks for serving us over the years Lisa!

    Mary Pritchard, Board Member and President of the Governing Board of the Butler County Educational Service Center.


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