Paperback Swap


I love to read, and currently I am reading these two books that I think will help me to eat better. Typically, I go to the library, read a book, but rarely do I buy one. (Although, I did splurge and buy these two books because a dear friend gave me an Amazon gift card recently. ) However, I do have a large collection of books in a cabinet that I have inherited and have read almost all of these. So, what can I do with them after I have read them and no longer need them? What if I don’t want to go out in the weather or don’t have time to peruse the library book shelves?

I am seriously thinking about joining Book Swap. It is free and books are delivered right to your door! You just register, list the books you’d like to swap, mail them out, and order books from other members. Of course, you can buy books as well. It’s like online shopping for books, but better because they are free! If you would like to learn more about it, click here.

We may have to start our own Homeschool Book Swap because I don’t think they have that category of books. Hmmm… now that’s an idea!

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