Portfolio Reviews(Written narratives)

portfolioIf you have never done a portfolio review the process is simple. You gather your student’s work, (see picture)  and schedule a time for me to review your student’s work. Next, you come  see me, and show off what your student has done.  We discuss the academic progress for the year and any questions you may have with regards to the academic year.  As I review the portfolio of work samples that you have brought I offer suggestions for curriculum and help where you may need it.

When you leave I give you the portfolio review paperwork to turn in with the additional paperwork you submit for the upcoming year.  Voila! You are finished!  You can now go and celebrate the completion of your school year with your family. (Cheers and shouts of jubilation resounding throughout the house)

Afterwards, I will email you a  portfolio checklist of the areas your scholar had studied and any notes, suggestions, or recommendations I have from our meeting. I have noticed with us homeschoolers we cover a wide range of topics as we are discussing the year. It can be  difficult for you to write everything while we are discussing your student’s progress, thus my checklist.

If you do not live close to me then I can arrange to meet you somewhere, or we can skype. I have even had people scan and send documents to me and spoken via phone about them. It’s almost like being here! 🙂 I love technology, don’t you?

I am scheduling appointments now. My fee is $40.00 for one child and a discounted price ($35.00) for additional students in your family. No charge for pets! 🙂 If you would like to come and see me to do a portfolio review, please either comment below or email me. Either way, I will respond as quickly as I can once I receive your message.

Feel free to ask questions about portfolio reviews in the comment box or contact me via email. I will be glad to help.

~ Lisa

** Some people are concerned about having work samples to show if they are not using traditional curriculum or their child isn’t reading. That’s not a problem. Bring samples of projects or pictures of what your child has done. You can also write a summary of the year and we will discuss it.  If you have read aloud to your student then write a list of books that you read throughout the year. I love seeing unschoolers’ work. I have seen some of the most creative ideas and projects!

Please note this blog article does not constitute any legal advice, but rather helps you determine what type of evaluation process you would like to pursue.  I am not a lawyer, nor do I play the role of one on TV. 🙂

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