Clarifying the Notification Process

I wanted to address some confusion I have noticed with items 6 and 7 on the required annual Notification Form. They are two separate areas so I want to discuss this. Item 6 states you are to include “a brief outline of intended curriculum” while item 7 states you are to include “a list of textbooks and other basic teaching materials” along with a few other items. A brief outline (item 6) means that you are to list topics you intend to cover for the year in each subject area whereas item 7 requires to list the actual materials you plan on using for instruction. Here is a sample of what you can send to the superintendent. I also have more examples that you can use as a reference listed in a previous post. (Filling out the notification form)

Amazing Adam Atoms 20___- 20___ Academic Year


Language Arts

Curriculum Topics (Item 6)

Reading fluency and comprehension

Oral reading Spelling Workout

Writing short stories

Parts of speech, grammar

Textbooks, other curricula (Item 7)

Easy Grammar- Wanda Phillips

Grammar Usage Mechanics-Spelling Modern Curriculum Press

Various library books and curricula- Amelia Bedelia, Henry and Mudge


Social Studies

Curriculum Topics

Holidays and festivals

Patriotic celebrations

Communities in other lands:

past and present

Textbooks, other curricula

Early American History-Rea Berg

Various library books and curricula-American History

If You Lived During Viking Times



Curriculum Topics

Addition facts

Subtraction facts



Textbooks, other curricula

Mathematics, Bob Jones University Press



Curriculum Topics


Solar System


Textbook, other curricula

Primarily Plants, AIMS Activities

Space Exploration Fun Kit, Dover Publications

NASA website



Curriculum Topics


Prevention of communicable diseases

Textbooks, other curricula

Various library books-

Dinosaurs Alive and Well! Laurie Kransky Brown

My Body, Patricia Carratello


Physical Education

Curriculum Topics

Physical fitness

Outdoor activities


Textbook, other curricula

Health, Safety, Manners- ABeka Books

Gym and Swim program YMCA

Upwards Basketball


Fine Arts

Curriculum Topics

Studying various musicians and artists

Textbooks, other curricula

Various library books and CD’s-

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Come Look with Me,Lucy Micklethwaite

Cincinnati Art Museum


First Aid, Safety, Fire Prevention

Curriculum Topics

Basic first aid

Fire safety

Bicycle safety

Textbooks, other curricula

Various library books- Dinosaurs Beware, Laurie Kransky Brown

Cub Scouts

Fire safety program

I hope this helps you with the notification process. Please note this does not constitute any legal advice as I am not a lawyer, nor do I play the role of one on TV. 🙂

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