Drawing Class

blog art titleStick figures are the best I can do when it comes to art, so I depended upon others to teach my sons how to draw. I have a friend, Myra Roller,  who is a fantastic artist and worked for Gibson Greeting Cards here in Cincinnati. I see that one of her classes has openings this fall. To see examples of the work that her students have produced , go to her website:  http://therollingartroom.blogspot.com/search/label/Beginning%20Drawing.

Kingdom Builders Co-op is offering Drawing Plus with Myra Roller this fall in Sharonville.  The class will meet 1:05-2:00 for 14 weeks starting Wednesday, September 4.  Drop-off students must be 12 years old by December 31, 2013. If you are interested, please contact kingdombuildersreg@gmail.com

Drawing Plus

Grade level: 7-12

Teacher: Myra Roller

Description of course: This class is for the serious student or for those who love or want to learn drawing skills.  Students will work on 2-dimensional art.  First-year students will work in pencil drawing basic objects in still life.  As they progress, they can add their choice of media (colored pencil, pen-and-ink, charcoal, or oil pastels).  Painting skills are not covered in this class.

Time required outside of class for homework: only to finish projects not finished in class.

Length of course: 1 year

Are new students accepted second semester?: yes

Fee/semester: $95 (Drop-off families also pay Kingdom Builders a $50 annual family registration fee.)

Maximum class size: 10

Minimum class size: 5

For general information on Kingdom Builders Co-op, please see our website: http://kingdombuilderscoop.weebly.com/.

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