2 thoughts on “Playdough Mats

  1. Wow. Except for your kids’ ages this post could describe me. I also taught elementary school for 7 years and was then a preschool director for two years. None of my 3 children attended preschool. My 13 year old is an A student and my 7 year old is a happy, well-functioning 1st grader. My 4 year old hangs out with me. We make bread, read, play with playdough, paint, clean the house, visit playgrounds when the weather is nice and he tags along while I clean and run errands. He does take swimming lessons one half hr./week. It worked great for my other kids, so that’s the plan for him. After a degree in Early Childhood Educ. and the time I spent teaching I decided that preschool wasn’t for me. They need their moms much more than they need “socializing.” He is plenty socialized and much more secure hanging out with me.


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