Kitchen Organization


After living here for 17 years and having cabinets and a floor that needed attention, we decided to remodel our kitchen. We have easily looked at 1000 pictures of various kitchens and kitchen products gathering ideas for our home. To say that I am overstimulated with kitchen ideas is an understatement.

One of the areas that has frustrated me over the years is where to put all of the spices I use. I have kept them in various places and have been aggravated with not being able to find the ingredient when I need it. My father-in-law found a solution for us online at a place called Vertical Spice. The kit that we bought has various sliding drawer sizes and it works beautifully! No more grousing and complaining about not being able to find a spice! The price is a little more than a hanging spice rack that can be installed on your pantry door, but I like this so much better! It takes the stress out of looking for an ingredient and saves time too! Who can’t use that when you have a busy household to run? I have included pictures for you to see in case you are looking for a solution for your spices too. Vertical Spice



The above pictures are the spice racks that can fit medium-sized spice jars on them or you can stack 2 of the small spices on top of each other if you have the small-sized containers.


This sliding rack can hold medium to taller bottles. You can get quite a few spices on the shelves, which is a feature that sold me on it.

photo-5This last picture above shows the widest shelf that can hold bigger items such as cooking oil, cooking spray, and wider containers such as salt. As you can see, I still have room on the side so it could hold something wider that what I have on the shelf.  The shelves are clear and have notches for you to put elastic bands (provided) around them to enclose the containers. If you are looking for a space-saving, easy-to-organize space rack, this might work for you. Happy organizing!


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Organization

  1. Thanks for posting this 🙂 One of my kitchen cabinets is is kind of like the picture above: tall with an upper section and a lower section. The cabinet is narrow and super deep which makes finding anything a PITA because everything has to be pulled out to get to stuff in the back. I have things organized in bins which helps some but sliding shelves would really help. I don’t think store-bought shelves will fit in my cabinet. The bottom shelf of the upper and lower cabinet has a lip plus the bottom door hinges protrude a good half inch into the cabinet space. And the door frame isn’t flush with the inside of the cabinet like in the picture above. The door frame is about a half inch smaller **eye roll** Going to look into the Shelf Genie custom made shelves.


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