Resources for Teaching Health

Veg-heartAs families are coming for portfolio reviews this year,  I have been making recommendations for health topics that can be used as part of your school studies. I searched my library and the internet for books to read and online games to play. I thought you might need some ideas for topics to study as well. 🙂 I have included the call letters in case you are ordering them from a library. Stay healthy!

  • Healthy eating  by Susan R. Gregson j 613.2 G
  • Eating Right by Helen Frost e 613.2 F
  • Keep Clean: a look at hygiene by Katie Bagley  e 613 B
  • Clean and Healthy by Angela Royston e613 R
  • Staying Healthy by Angela Royston e 613.0432 R
  • Oh, the Things You Can do that are Good for You by Tish Rabe
  • Staying Healthy:  Food Hygiene by Alice McGinty e 613.4 M
  • Keeping Your Body Clean by Mary Elizabeth Sazmann e613.4 S
  • 10 Ways I can Live a Healthy Life by Sara Antill j 613 A
  • Professor Protein’s Fitness, Health, Hygiene and Relaxation Tonic by Steve Parker j 613 P

Here are some websites too:

  • Kids Health This has videos for each of the body’s systems. Look under the Kids Tab->How the Body Works
  • FEMA This gives you information on how to make an emergency kit and is always a good thing to have on hand in case your power goes off at your house.
  • Shepherd Software This has information and games to play.
  • PBS Kids Health topic games that look like fun. 🙂
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention BAM! Body and Mind has information and games about diseases, nutrition, safety, and physical activity.
  • Feeding Minds This has a whole year’s curriculum for students that are middle school through high school.
  • Nourish Interactive has activities and article for students and teachers alike. There are online games as well as printables for you to use with your health curriculum.
  • Food and Fun has 11 teaching units that encourage good nutrition and being active.
  • Brain Pop  This is a great website with videos and games, but you do have to subscribe to it if you’d like to have access to all of their resources.

Daily life offers practical and relevant ways to discuss health such as, “You need to eat your cooked spinach 😦 because it helps your muscles grow strong.” (remember Popeye? ) “Please cover your mouth when you sneeze,” is a natural sigue concerning disease prevention. Going to the doctor for wellness checkups or taking care of someone who is sick are also components of health studies. Discussing bullying and the treatment of that issue pertains to mental health, and relationships,etc. If you have a resource or an experience please share.

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