Stop, Drop, Roll!

imagesFire Prevention, First Aid, and Safety are areas that we are to cover in the course of our academic year while homeschooling. There are not many textbooks related specifically to this topic, so you have to “think outside the box.” Safety doesn’t have to be taught from a book, but can be topics that you need to discuss with your student. Ones that come to mind are: kitchen, food, fire,water, bike, internet, stranger, personal, and pedestrian safety. I have some resources that will help you. The only book that I am familiar with is ABeka, but according to reviews, these books look like good resources to use. If you have used a resource that you have found helpful please share! 🙂

 Books (textbooks and other books)

Health, Safety and Manners, Abeka This is a series that addresses various topics and there are books for grades 1,2, and 3.

Let’s Be Safe, P.K. Hallinan Various topics are discussed including tying shoes, safely crossing the street, and stranger safety.

Busy Places, Caroline Hardy This preschool book is colorful with rhyming text that teaches children safety by highlighting something in the picture.

Watch Out! Around Town, Claire Llewellyn Grades Preschool- 2  “Advice in this book focuses on staying in parents’ sight and avoiding getting lost when in large, busy places like stores and theaters. Kids are also instructed to observe safety rules in playgrounds, and to take extra care when encountering adults they don’t know. Clearly written in brief passages that are easy for younger children to absorb and understand, the Watch Out!series of color-illustrated books give kids safety advice that applies inside and outside the home, while they are traveling in a car, and when they are enjoying nature and having outdoor fun.” (Barnes and Noble synopsis) Another book in this series is At Home A book about safety inside and outside the home.

No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids, Jean Pendziwol A charming book that teaches children about fire safety with catchy phrases and a friendly dragon. Other books by this author include: A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me (water safety); The Tale of Sir Dragon (bullying issues)

Internet Resources

Study Ladder has mini books that can be read online and also offers free worksheets and activities. Grades: Preschool- 4.

Food Safety Here is a list of online games your student can play that pertain to cooking and storing food and cooking temperatures. Grades 1-6.

Firework Safety These are safety rules and games for  keeping safe from fireworks.

Internet Safety PBS has an online game that is interactive and geared toward 8-12 year olds, although I enjoyed playing too! 🙂

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