Music Education Apps

Jazzy Music

Jazzy Music

One of the areas that we are to teach when homeschooling is fine arts, which includes music. I found some apps from The Melody Book that look like so much fun for young students to learn musical instruments.

A Jazzy Day (4.99) is an award-winning ebook that:

  • can be played to be read aloud (great for non-readers or beginning readers)
  • can be read independently
  • learn about different instruments
  • a child can play different instruments

Jazzy ABC (1.99) is a music app that teaches children the alphabet and musical instruments. Children can play each of the instruments too!

Jazzy 123:  Learn to Count Music (1.99) How about not only learning how to count time, but also counting in 10 different languages!

If you want to learn more about the jazzy adventures of this cat duo, click here

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