Ninth Grade:Preparing for College

imagesTwo weeks ago I mentioned preparing for college in the freshman year of high school. Besides planning the academic year there are two more areas you can prepare your student by first,  beginning a reading list and second, planning volunteer opportunities. Universities like to see books students have read that provide background for composition, literature, and history. Admissions counselors are interested in what type of volunteering your scholar has done throughout their high school years and homeschooling provides a great opportunity to do that.

Begin a reading list. Many colleges have a list of books they recommend for high school students to read. Check several colleges that your student is interested in attending or look at various websites. Be discriminating and read summaries of the books. If you are unfamiliar with high school level books or where to begin here are a few websites to help you:

The Great Books This site has several categories to choose from: Ancients, Medieval, Reformation, and Modernity, all from a Christian worldview. There are over 70 free discussion guides and schedules to go along with the recommended books.

Literature recommendations for high school There are more books on this list than your student has time to read. 🙂

pinkmonkey is a website that I have used frequently when teaching junior and senior high school students. Not only does it provide a summary of each chapter, but also has quizzes and essay questions.

Decide on volunteer opportunities. Colleges are looking to see that a student is able to handle more than just schoolwork. Now is the time to investigate areas your student is considering majoring in college. Do you have a budding teacher? How about volunteering as a Sunday School teacher for the younger students or helping with child care during church? Are they interested in a medical field? Contact a hospital about being a hospital volunteer (candy striper). Do you have a student curious in being a vet tech? There are animal shelters that need volunteers to walk dogs and play with cats.

Remember, enjoy the journey! If you have any questions, please ask and I will be glad to help.  I have successfully graduated two young men. One is a college grad and has a degree in the field in which he majored. My other son chose to go in missions for almost three years and successfully helped with the majority of the work in opening a coffee shop.


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