High School Transcripts

Are you concerned about creating a transcript? It’s not as difficult as it seems since there is this wonderful piece of technology called the internet. 🙂 You may begin preparing a transcript for your scholar as early as junior high since the state of Ohio says you can count some classes toward high school.

Prepare a transcript. Keep track of courses and grades. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, and it is, but it bears me making a point. Do you want to keep semester grades or year-long grades? I chose to keep year-long grades.

Here are some programs that you can purchase if you want help with this process.

EduTrack This is not only for high school, but can be used throughout your child’s academic career. It has report cards, transcripts, assignment sheets, teacher’s journals, lesson plans, and other categories. Several of the moms who I review their family’s work have used this program and have been pleased with it.

Another service is called College Ticket. It is:

  • a program that helps you map out the high school years.
  • a documentation service that will generate a transcript that will make admissions officials want your child at their college.
  • a tool to help you find out how to get your child into a great college with scholarship money.
  • a way to, along with your transcript, generate a portfolio with a reading list, activities resume, life experiences, course descriptions, and more.

If you’d like to make your own transcript check out this website to see examples and get direction on how to do it. Donna Young’s website is a valuable resource that not only helps with transcripts, but also how to figure GPA’s. donnayoung.org

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