Lost Ladybug Project

Just a few years ago we had a large population of ladybugs that would swarm the back porch every fall. I was just thinking that I haven’t seen any the past two years. Scientists are wondering  why this is the case and have been asking for the help of people like you and me to help gather ladybug data. New colonies are being started in different areas of the United States while old colonies are disappearing.

This would be a great science project to complete and now is about the time ladybugs are spotted. You can read all about it, take pictures of ladybugs and submit them if you “spot” them near your home or places you like to visit. 🙂 Here is the website called The Lost Ladybug Project to help determine what is occurring in ladybug populations. Click Here to begin the adventure.

Here are some more ladybug resources to enhance your study. Enjoy!

The Grouchy Ladybug, Eric Carle, (preschool, elementary) A fictitious account of a ladybug who is looking for a fight and uses the excuse, “You’re not big enough.” until someone muuuch bigger than her takes on the challenge. Read to find out what happens.

Ladybugs, Gail Gibbons Did you know ladybugs live on 6 of the 7 continents? You can read more about them in this nonfiction book about ladybugs.

Ladybug Websites:

Ladybug Lady has coloring sheets, FAQ’s and more.

Enchanted Learning has information as well as pictures to label and crafts to create.


Grouchy Ladybug Lapbook  looks like a lot of fun! This would be a fantastic compliment to the Grouchy Ladybug book.

Lapbook Lessons Preschool-Elementary A ladybug lapbook for all to enjoy.

Ladybug Beetle Lapbook (Members)

How about Hatching your very own ladybugs? Purchase live ladybugs and start your own insect-eating colony! They are good for your gardens as they eat aphids that are harmful to roses and other flowers.

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