Doing Something Good


This week my sisters, dad, some nieces and nephews and I walked in memory of my mother at the Leukemia/Lymphoma walk. It was a beautiful evening to all get together to celebrate the life of our wonderful mother and grandmother. I bought helium balloons for all of us and we set off on our two-mile trek across Cincinnati with a ton of other walkers. I was proud of my family as we all had some obstacle we had to overcome in order to be there.

I have noticed that doing something good takes a lot of effort at times. I am not sure the cause, but I believe one reason is it takes someĀ perseveranceĀ and inconvenience. I believe the result of helping others is well worth it though. Jesus talks about feeding the poor and helping those in need in Matthew 25 so I try to find ways to help where I can. Ā Here are some ideas for doing something good for someone else. How about trying to do one kind thing as a family for the month of October? I bet you will like it so much you’ll want to continue.

Make cards for:

  • Grandparents
  • Nursing homes
  • Soldiers
  • Your pastor, Sunday School teachers

Make a meal for someone. A person doesn’t have to be sick in order to receive a meal. šŸ™‚ You can make extra of whatever you are serving to your family and it won’t take all that much extra to put it in a dish and drop it off.

Pack a lunch for Dad and put a love note in it from each of the children and you.

Find a 5k walk/run event to attend that supports a worthy cause or sponsor someone if you don’t care to do it yourself.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a food bank. Here in town we have several places that need volunteers. Matthew 25 Ministries and the Drop Inn Center are just two places I am acquainted with personally.

Kids Against Hunger is a national organization that feeds children a nutritious meal for .25 a serving. You can volunteer to make the rice packets or you can raise money and send the funds to the organization. We have helped several times with one locally and it is a great way to give to others in need.

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