The Election Process

I am extremely grateful that I live in the United States where I have a right to vote for those in government positions. With that right I believe it is important that we also teach our children about the election process. I have gathered resources for you to introduce and teach this process to your children.

Learn Our History by Mike Huckabee is a DVD that you can get it for FREE, you only have to pay $3.95 for shipping and handling. It is called Election Day: Choosing Our President

Here is an online resource that you and your children can use to not only learn about the election process,, but also historical facts, word origins of terms, and trivia. Look what I learned about the word ballot. Ballot comes from the Italian word ballotta, which means small ball. Centuries ago, people voted secretly by dropping a small ball in a box or other container. A white ball indicated a vote for something; a black ball indicated a vote against it. Congress for Kids

How about reading some books with your student?

Election Day, Margaret McNamara (Level 1 reader) Although this is listed as a level 1 reader, it is recommended for children who are not beginning readers. This book uses a classroom setting to illustrate campaigning.

Election Day, Patricia J. Murphy (rookie Reader)

How about doing a lapbook? This is not necessarily for primary students, but they could do it with your help or you could choose some sections to do that are more at their level. Click here

Here are several activities that you can print for your student that include word searches, coloring pages, and worksheets. Click here.

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