The Legend of the Money Pit

Are you having a difficult time getting your boys (and girls) to write? How about listening to an old-time radio program about a tunnel that has baffled people for over 200 years? The tunnel is known as the “Money Pit” and is located in the town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. I won’t give away any more of the details, but you can listen to an account of it and follow-up with some of these activities.

Listen to the radio program Money Pit Click Here

Research the story. There are several articles that have been written about this fascinating topic. Here are some websites with information to further guide your search for the mysterious treasure. I have created a worksheet with comprehension questions and paragraph writing. The Money Pit

Neatorama Gives an interesting account of the discoveries from the excavations of the Money Pit.

Hub Pages Spoiler ALERT! The article mentions what is currently happening at the Money Pit at the beginning of the article.

The Mysterious and Unexplained has links to maps and a timeline.

Create your own model of a money pit and island. Make your model out of play dough, clay, or salt dough.

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