Living on Jupiter: Encouragement and Musings

Yes, I live on Jupiter. Jupiter Court. You may have noticed that I gave my personal thoughts that heading. Sometimes I feel as though I am out on another planet! Sometimes I think it would be better if I were on another planet.  From time to time I will broadcast a message from there that will have my musings, reflections, and most importantly, bring encouragement to you.

So, here is an encouraging thought for today: The first day of Spring is less than a month away. “Hip! Hip! Hooray!”  I say.

I am yearning to plant the early crops of  spinach, lettuce, and green onions. I am devising plans to fight off bugs, rabbits, and deer to save something for us from my savory harvest. I have already ordered annuals from one of my home school students and I am beginning to think of new veggies and flowers to plant this year. I am looking forward to going to the home school convention here in town with a friend. And I have saved the best spring activity for last, I am looking with great anticipation to supporting you, my home school colleagues, with portfolio reviews. I wanted to let you know you are giving the best gift you possible can to your children; a personalized education and time spent with you! Have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Living on Jupiter: Encouragement and Musings

  1. Today, 59 degrees and sunny, a little refreshing break off from PEP, and my youngest daughter’s first reconciliation tonight~ definitely felt like a renewal week! My mind is already floating to the end of the year… with assessments~ last year the girls took the CAT, but this year I am leaning towards portfolios. We can talk at the Convention. We are going to plan our first garden, my middle child is soooo excited. I will need your tips on that as well. 🙂 Thanks for the words of encouragement, they came at a really good time.


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