Reading Hide and Seek

I just began tutoring for a fantastic family who has a beginning reader.  I love what I saw the mom doing with her son in reinforcing concepts. She writes words they are studying on a small whiteboard that is a “master list”. (You could use any large piece of paper as a master list if you don’t have a small whiteboard.) She places flashcards of these individual words throughout the downstairs and her son must find the card, match it with the word on the whiteboard, and say it aloud. She also is doing this with addition problems. He must find the addition problems on flashcards throughout the house, add them together, and match the sum on the whiteboard. This is such a great way to get children involved in the memorizing of facts, as well as give them an opportunity to burn off some energy. I think this can be applied in almost any area of academics. Here are some more ideas:

Science– terms on flashcard, definitions on the whiteboard

Money– pictures of coins on the cards, values on the board

Time– faces of clocks on the cards, analog time on the board

Numbers– match items on the cards to numerals on the whiteboard

Colors– a color swatch on the flashcards, color word on the board

Health– pictures of food on cards, food groups or servings on the board

Geography– capitals on flashcards, states or countries on the board

Do you have any ideas to add? I’d love to hear about them.

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