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Are you feeling crowded by clutter? Are you wishing your pantry looked like this?  Is this a picture of my pantry? No! This is what I aspire to have my pantry look like and  I saw this posting  on a home school forum about home organization that just might help some of us.

Home Storage Solutions 101 is a website that helps you with organizing your home.  It is organized into weekly categories that address different rooms in your home. While it does start in January, you can jump in at any time. I think her ideas are practical and are broken down into manageable pieces, which is something I  need. I also like that she begins organizing in the kitchen since this seems to be where the majority of us home school moms spend our day!

Just remember to start with one area or room of your house and then when that is finished, move on to another one. Set aside a portion of your day to do this, 30 minutes I think would be good. Once you have an area organized, take pictures to help family members (and yourself) have a visual of where things go when you are straightening up. Don’t let all of your hard work fall back into a cluttered mess as that only leads to frustration. I had a friend whose son was extremely messy and she took pictures of his room once it was organized. She broke it up into categories for his desk, dresser, closet, and bed. She taped the photos on the back of his bedroom door for quick reference.

I like parties so maybe I could entice a few friends to come over for a “home organizing party”, what do you think? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Home Organization

  1. That would be fun! 🙂 Constructive is what I need when it comes to my house. I find myself just getting to the “picking up” part, but never to organizing. I sent your post to a neighbor who is trying to get their house ready to sell, and thought this website would be helpful.


  2. Oh, if I could just stay on top of the papers and “things without a category”. Every time I think I get a perfect system going, something comes my way that doesn’t “fit” properly anywhere. 🙂


  3. Hey Sarah, I know what you mean about the “things without a category”. Perhaps a broader category such as homeschool, household, church, support group, etc. might help?


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