Attention Shutterbugs! Photo submissions for Atlas

Do you have a student who likes to take pictures? Here’s a chance to have some of their photos in a student atlas. If you are familiar with Uncle Josh’s outline maps, Trail Guides to Geography Series, or Galloping the Globe series, this is the company that would like to publish  their work. Read on to find out how to submit your student’s photographic masterpieces. I hope their picture is selected!

“GEOMATTERS NEEDS YOU!Attention budding photographers, here’s a chance to have your pictures published. We are very excited to announce that our team is putting together a beautiful, full-color United States desk atlas written by Jamie Aramini. The book will contain amazing custom illustrations, but we want to include photos taken by you, our loyal customers! Each photo selected will be printed in the atlas and will include the photographer’s name alongside the picture. We’ve created a list of photos that we need to complete the project. You can submit photos of any one (or more than one) of the subjects listed. If you have other images that you feel are representative of your state, feel free to submit them as well, but remember that we only have limited space, so we cannot include every image that we receive.

Visit our blog to read the complete guidelines and how to submit your photos. We can’t wait to hear from you!”

One thought on “Attention Shutterbugs! Photo submissions for Atlas

  1. This sounds really neat, thanks for sharing! Erika doesn’t go anywhere without her camera (she gets it honestly) so I forwarded this to her. Hopefully she will submit something. I actually am using Geomatters with Emily for the states and also have the cookbook to go with each state- great supplemental curriculum!


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