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Packaged Curriculum Options

Way back in the dinosaur age (just kidding) when I first started homeschooling my sons, there was little to use from when it came to curriculum. Now there is so much from which to choose it can be easily overwhelming.

Here are a few traditional textbook/ curriculum publishers I would recommend you investigate. These have a Christian worldview, with the exception of Timberdoodle, which has religious and nonreligious curriculum choices.

Bob Jones University Press I wanted to list this first since it is not in a package. But, you can easily purchase what you need according to grade level. This is a solid, grade level curriculum for all subjects. It isn’t too advanced or move too quickly, and you can purchase the teacher’s edition for each subject. It reasonably priced and if you are looking to keep the cost down, you can buy used. Just make sure you check to see you are getting everything you need before purchasing.

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum is well planned and has the option of a four or five day schedule. This is nice because if you decide you want to have a day to go to co-op, go on field trips, etc., You can do that without the dark cloud of dread hanging over your head, thinking you should be home teaching instead.

Masterbooks This is an affordable curriculum package and if you supplement with books from the library in areas pf interest, this will be a solid program. Remember that if your child needs more time spent on a topic, do that because you want understanding before moving on.

Memoria Press If you would like the Highland Latin School experience, but cannot attend for whatever reason, you can purchase the curriculum and do it yourself.

Timberdoodle Company has both Christian and Nonreligious curriculum from which to choose.

Of course, there are many more options, but these are some of the ones that families whom I have done assessments for have used and enjoyed throughout the years.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

FREE Homeschool Full Curriculums

imagesBeing good stewards of our money is important, especially when many homeschool families are living on single incomes. One way you can do this is by using free online curriculum; here are some to check out:

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool this Christian curriculum website is for all grades from preschool through high school. The subjects that are studied include English, math, computer and logic and includes lesson plans as well.

Lesson Pathways is a free online curriculum site that offers weekly lessons for students Pre K- 5th grade.  Areas of study are: Language Arts, Phonics, Science, Math, and Life Skills.

Ambleside Online created for families who are interested in the Charlotte Mason approach of education. Here is a description of what they have to offer taken from their website,”is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason’s classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world. AO’s detailed schedules, time-tested methods, and extensive teacher resources allow parents to focus effectively on the unique needs of each child.” Grades K-12 are available on the website.

Project Gutenberg has free textbooks that are public domain. While it is not a stand-alone curriculum site, you can use many of the books to create your own curriculum.

Hippo Campus offers teachers and students from middle school through college thousands of educational videos, as well as lesson plans, and blogs with ideas for using these videos in your studies. Areas of study include: Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, and Humanities.


Homeschool Product Catalogs

As home school conventions approach and school is starting to wrap you, one’s mind tends to go toward the products you’d like to read about in order to make decisions for next year. I like to look at catalogs and read the reviews of products from a few trusted sources. Where do you start? Here are the companies that I rely on to help me with my decisions.

Rainbow Resource Catalog The granddaddy of them all, this catalog gives a description about each curriculum product they sell. I appreciate that and refer many home school families to them for that very reason. If you would get a paper catalog it 3 inches thick and has over 1,300 pages! I just looked! Click here for their website.

Christian Book Distributors sells individual products as well as packaged curriculum.

I realize that some of you are not interested in or comfortable with putting all of your own curriculum together and want a package instead.  Here is a list  of companies who offer just that!

Sonlight offers a literature-based, Christ-centered curriculum from preschool through high school. I used their American History program with some modifications and read many of their read-aloud books to my sons.

Timberdoodle has been in business for 25 years and has first-hand experience with nearly all of the products they recommend.

Do you have a favorite company that offers homeschool products and curriculum that I haven’t mentioned? Feel free to add to the list.