Homeschool Product Catalogs

As home school conventions approach and school is starting to wrap you, one’s mind tends to go toward the products you’d like to read about in order to make decisions for next year. I like to look at catalogs and read the reviews of products from a few trusted sources. Where do you start? Here are the companies that I rely on to help me with my decisions.

Rainbow Resource Catalog The granddaddy of them all, this catalog gives a description about each curriculum product they sell. I appreciate that and refer many home school families to them for that very reason. If you would get a paper catalog it 3 inches thick and has over 1,300 pages! I just looked! Click here for their website.

Christian Book Distributors sells individual products as well as packaged curriculum.

I realize that some of you are not interested in or comfortable with putting all of your own curriculum together and want a package instead.  Here is a list  of companies who offer just that!

Sonlight offers a literature-based, Christ-centered curriculum from preschool through high school. I used their American History program with some modifications and read many of their read-aloud books to my sons.

Timberdoodle has been in business for 25 years and has first-hand experience with nearly all of the products they recommend.

Do you have a favorite company that offers homeschool products and curriculum that I haven’t mentioned? Feel free to add to the list.

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Product Catalogs

  1. You are pretty much right on, as always 🙂 I LOVE Sonlight and have ordered endlessly from CBD and Rainbow. Lakeshore has nice products, but not always as inexpensive as Rainbow. How crazy am I that I am already assessing this year and what not to do for next year… really just need to focus on finishing off this year and THEN I’ll have fun shopping this summer 🙂 I love Keepers of Faith that you had written about earlier that we are dipping into as well.


  2. I will check out Lakeshore- thanks. We homeschool educators are always looking ahead to the next year. You almost have to if you are planning on going to a convention in the spring. That’s good planning on your part. 🙂


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