What do I Include in my Assessment?

Now that you know home school assessments are required, you might be thinking, “Eeek! I want to do one (aka portfolio review), but I am just not sure what to include.” Think of the assessment as a showcase for your child’s academic progress. You can also show the assessor (me or someone else qualified to do so) any areas of concern you may have. Here are some ways to show what your student has done for the year.

  • Workbook pages, writing samples
  • Photos- This can include experiments, field trips, art, hands-on projects, screenshots of online classes, etc.
  • Videos- These are great ways to show hands-on activities to your assessor. I have watched children reading, playing sports, participating in drama productions, music recitals, planting a garden, selling lemonade, shooting off rockets, and more! You can also include a brief list of educational videos.
  • A private Facebook page- Some parents have chosen to create a page for family and friends to see the school year as well as provide documentation for me, their assessor.
  • Lists of books read by your child or to your child You do not need to include every title, but several titles to show the reading level from the beginning of the year until the end of the year.

Did you do a lot of hands-on learning and not a lot of book work? No problem! A brief summary of what your child learned in those subject areas is helpful. I meet with each family (online or in person) so it is easy for us to discuss and you to describe the studies and what your child learned.

These are just some ideas that I have seen in my years as an assessor. I am always excited to see the children’s work and the way that parents choose to show me what they have accomplished.

Did you know that you can always do a portfolio review for your student? Yes, all the way through their high school career too! If you are in need of a certified/licensed teacher to do a review for you, I would love to help! You can schedule an appointment through the scheduling app: www.calendly.com/schoolmarmohio You can also read about my pricing by going to the Assessment page here on my blog

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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