Teaching Teens

Teaching your teen can seem a bit daunting, but I actually found that I enjoyed high school with my sons and seeing them mature. here are some ideas when considering homeschooling your teen.

Make a plan for the year, better still, make a four year high school plan if you are going to homeschool them until graduation. “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Planning makes all the difference because you and your child can see what classes need to be taken. It provides structure and also gives opportunity to do other things.

Get your child involved in the selection of classes. High school is the time to explore career possibilities. Yes, they still need to take the required English, Math, Science, Social Studies classes, but there is latitude in which that can be taught. Do you have a child who likes to write and is interested in pursuing that as a career? You can find curriculum that is writing a novel in a year! One of my sons was a voracious reader and read the Iliad, the Odyssey, and all of the Greek comedies and tragedies in one year, as well as writing analysis on these works. Would I have chosen this without his input? Uh, no! lol

Plan classes according to interest. What do they like? Can you create or find a class that would be make them look forward to their classes. There are so many online options now for students to take a variety of classes.

Find help to teach the tough subjects. I am not a Renaissance woman, nor can I teach ALL subjects. By the time my sons were in high school, I only taught a few of their class and had others teach them subjects that they were either passionate about or were qualified to teach. You may not have the money to hire teachers, but co-ops are great for this or swapping with another homeschool mom something you like to teach with them can are options.

Find opportunities to talk or shadow professionals. Let’s say your daughter loves animals and decides to be a veterinarian. That is great, but has she ever see what a vet’s typical day looks like? What kind of schooling they need? Hours they work? Now is the time to find out before going to university. the vast majority of professionals love to discuss the career they have chosen. Reach out and contact someone.

You’ve got this! I know you can do this and I am here to help, offer suggestions, etc. Email me if I can be of assistance. My rates are reasonable if you wish to set up a consultations and I love to help. However, I cannot offer legal advice. Contact Home School Legal Defense if you need to pursue this area.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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