Celebrating Fall: Outdoor Activities to Do

I have to admit that fall is not my favorite season because it is a precursor to winter. 🙂 But, I am trying to enjoy each season and this one is quite beautiful here in Ohio. We have deciduous tress that turn various shades of browns, yellows, and reds. I am hoping that you get to experience some type of seasonal change where you live. So, what is there to do with your child no matter where you live?

Nature Scavenger Hunt- Draw pictures for little ones or make a list for your reading child of things that can be found in the fall. My list includes some of the following items: an acorn, a colored leaf, a dried seed pod, a Buckeye, or a walnut or a hickory nut, a flower (make sure it is one that is fading), and a milkweed pod.

A trip to an Apple Orchard– There is nothing like picking up a bag of freshly picked apples or pressed apple cider. It may sound crazy, but unless you discuss where your food originates, children think the grocery store is where it is made. You can do an internet search to see what might be available to you.

Fall Walk/Hike– With the color temperatures you can go on afternoon walk once you finish school. Not only are you enjoying nature, but you are getting to exercise too! You can take along a bag to collect fallen leaves and make a leaf book for science.

Pumpkin Patch/ Corn Maze– I am blessed to live near some operational farms and some have seen that having these two things are a great way to showcase their farms as well as supplement their income. It is great for them and for us too! Some farms even have hayrides, petting zoos, or pumpkin mazes.

If you have any other ideas, please share! Happy Fall to All!


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