What About Socialization? Ways to Keep Connected

The old question when you say you are going to homeschool, “What about socialization?” hasn’t really been asked too much in the past year, has it? Homeschooling can be isolating and finding ways to be connected can be a bit difficult. But, there are activities you can have your child(ren) engaged in that would be fun and an opportunity to be with other children and make friends.

Local sports organizations– Does your community have a soccer (or another sport) team? Not only does this provide a connection with other children, but also some exercise (PE requirement met!).

Play Dates- Do you know of another homeschool family that you can meet? Let the kids run around in the back yard or meet at a park. If you don’t have another homeschool family, what about a cousin or a former classmate, someone from church? If you don’t know other homeschool families in the area, how about asking your neighbors or putting a notice in the library? Something like, Play in the Park- Looking for some local homeschool families to meet. If interested in meeting, come to _____ park on __date__ at __time__. Or have them text you if you feel comfortable in doing this. If you have no one show up, try again. Sometimes it takes a while to get things going.

Church Activities- Many churches have programs such as AWANAS or children’s programs and youth groups. It takes some concerted effort to meet people, but lifetime friendships can be developed by attending regular events.

Co-ops If you haven’t joined a co-op you may want to consider doing that since most meet weekly. Not only does your child meet new friends, but you do too!

Library/Local Programs- My boys attended library programs, nature walks, etc., and we met some of the families at a park on occasion. I know I could have furthered these relationships if I wanted, but I had several other things we were were already involved in.

Homeschool Support Group- Do you have a local support group? I found this to be an integral part of our homeschooling and am still involved in our citywide support group, even though my children are grown. I have made many friends and consider this to be a part of my community. If you don’t have a local group, how about starting one? I can help you if you need it, or contact http://www.cheohome.org or the Ohio Homeschool Parents Facebook group.

The important thing to remember is, you have to be intentional in finding people, connecting with them and establishing times to get together regularly. I hope you have a great week!


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