Early Readers for Beginners

Are you as frustrated as I am when it comes to finding books for early readers? I have gone to the library and pulled a foot high stack of books for those students who are just beginning to read and maybe come away with two or three books. What I see happen is that the book starts out with short vowel, easily readable words, only to throw in multisyllable words as the story progresses. Ugh!

I have gone back to the tried and true readers to give students confidence until they can read more words. I also create my own stories and keep them simple. Only two sentences per picture that I find on the internet. I know you don’t necessarily have time to do this yourself, so here are some resources for you.

American Language Series – Fun in the Sun is the first book and is a collection of 53 stories that have simple short vowels. I have like this reader because it gives children lots of practice with this types of words. Children feel successful after reading the stories. You can purchase the books individually or as a set and continue with them after your student has mastered the first book.

All About Reading– This has a collection of twenty stories since they are longer. I like the first three books, beginning with Run, Bug, Run! Children like them too because they feel like they are reading more advanced stories, although they are still working on CVC words (Consonant- Vowel- Consonant)

I love This Reading Mama‘s blog. She has so many free printable resources. I have purchased some of her things as well because she has fun, high quality, research-based products.

Keep on reading! ~Lisa~

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