Portfolio Reviews for Seniors


It seems anticlimactic once your child is finishing their senior year as far as notifying the school. Guess what? You don’t notify the superintendent that your scholar has graduated. You don’t need to do a portfolio review or an exit test. You do, however, get to, need to celebrate! So, for you who are graduating a student this year from homeschooling, my heartiest congratulations on a job well done! Welcome to the world of homeschool alumni, both you and your student.

You may be wondering what to do as your student completes their high school career. My suggestion is to have a graduation ceremony, either with a group of fellow homeschoolers or by yourselves. The main thing is to recognize your student and invite family and friends to celebrate this accomplishment.

What do you do for a diploma? You can either create your own (FREE) by using a template CLICK HERE  You can also purchase one such as this Christian homeschool one  CLICK HERE  or one that does not have a scripture reference on it CLICK HERE



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