Fly Guy

Fly Guy has come a long way. When this children’s character was first introduced in the book, Hi! Fly Guy,  he was in the fiction genre. He became so popular for the younger readers that there are currently 15 books in this series. But, he has been branching out into nonfiction and is now going on grand adventures! This excites me because readers that are in early chapter books will enjoy these entertaining books while learning facts about the subject.

These books are called Fly Guy Presents and have a variety of topics ranging from firefighters, to bats, to space. Scholastic has a website that you can see all of the titles of the books, including the fiction and nonfiction titles. There is also a little bit about the author and illustrator, Tedd Arnold as well as some activities that compliment the books . CLICK HERE to go to the website.

As I had mentioned earlier, Fly Guy has been on some amazing journeys and here are some pictures of him traveling around in space. Notice that there is vocabulary, pronunciation, and actual photographs of the subject being discussed. I wish I could take a trip with him!




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