Logos Press


Logos Press is a classical curriculum publisher that offers a wide variety of materials and online classes. I have taught the NOEO science in the past and the students enjoyed the trade books and experiments.

“NOEO Science provides a quality homeschool science curriculum for elementary students, including award-winning experiment kits, fascinating books, and easy-to-use instructor’s guides. Many homeschooling parents do not have a science background and may feel a bit intimidated about teaching science at home, especially when it comes to the experiments!”  (quote from NOEO website)

NOEO specializes in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics for grades 1-8 and all books and experiment kits are included in the price. NOEO kits are terrific since everything is already assembled for you and you aren’t running to the grocery the night before trying frantically to locate unflavored gelatin or glycerine.

There are also online classes available for high school in the following areas: theology, history, literature, integrated humanities, math, science, languages and electives. The classes look interesting and would prepare your student for college.

If you are interested in learning more about Logos Press CLICK HERE.


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