Cat in the Hat Learning Library


Are you looking for a fun series that your beginning readers would enjoy? Check out Cat in the Hat, a collection of nonfiction books that are interesting and also help young readers since they are set to rhyme.

Elections, nocturnal animals, the Ice Age, inventors, nutrition, and space are just a few of the topics about which your child can read.  The Cat in the Hat website has printable worksheets, activities, and lesson plans too. You can use these are part of your science and social studies curriculum choices if you wish.

Do you have a student who is not fluent with their reading or one who is just beginning to read and would enjoy audio books? There is a section to go to purchase these resources. So, go! Explore and discover all the places you and your child will go. ( Sorry, I couldn’t help it; some words are taken from one of Dr. Seuss’ books.)

To begin your adventure CLICK HERE

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