Enjoying the Days


“An Oreo a day keeps anxiety away.” No, I don’t mean the cookie, but rather my cat, Oreo. As you can see by the picture he has a rather laid back approach to life. I wish I could have that attitude. I want that attitude towards the small things that I make a big deal out of, and for what purpose? I have to ask myself.

So, if I want to aspire to be like my cat (lol), how do I get there? I am pondering… Okay, I think I have some ideas. See if you agree.

  • Don’t worry. Easier said than done, but I think God is pretty clear on this matter.
  • Find joy in life. Oreo couldn’t be happier than when he is fed and has had some attention given to him.
  • Take one day at a time. I highly doubt if Oreo even thinks past the second that he is living until his tummy starts to rumble.
  • Trust in the Master. Oreo trusts my husband and will come whenever Dale calls him. I want to trust and obey when God calls me to do something.

Have a great day!


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