March is Kite Month


“Go fly a kite!” what a great idea since windy March days are great ways to spend an afternoon watching  objects flying and floating in the sky.

The history of the kite: The Chinese were the first to build kites over 2,000 years ago and were made from materials readily available from the silk worm: silk for the material,  string made from the silk as well, and bamboo for the frame, which was lightweight. Kites have been used for various reasons: military reconnaissance, enjoyment, as well as sending messages of love to one another.

The popularity of kites is worldwide and enjoyed by people of all ages. The picture above is actually from Cyprus! Did you know there are International Kite Flying Contests held all over the world? There are many YouTube videos that you can see from across the globe and I have one here for you to see from Jakarta, Indonesia. Here is an evening event of Chinese lanterns being released by thousands of participants. CLICK HERE

How about trying your hand at making a kite? I am sure your children will enjoy getting out and enjoying a beautiful spring day with you. WikiHow has 4 different ways to make a kite. They are inexpensive to make, and most things you have on hand. Your project can be counted as art for your school day too. 🙂


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