Andi Unstoppable


If your child is interested in mysteries, then I have a book by Amanda Flower that will be perfect. A camping trip to look for a rare bird, rumors of a mother-in-mourning ghost,  and holes that are appearing all over a Civil War cemetery combine to make a great adventure for Andi Boggs and her two classmates, Colin Carter and Ava Gomez. Do any of these events have anything in common?

Andi and Ava have not been on friendly terms before, so why are they voluntarily going on a camping trip together? Hopefully, the girls be able to work out their differences to be the first from their science class to spot the elusive bird. They, along with Colin, might even be able to solve the mystery that they have come upon. Andi Unstoppable is a great read for your 8-10 year old reader that I would recommend.If you are  interested in previewing this book, CLICK HERE

There are also two more books in the Andi Boggs series for your young readers, which I find is a terrific benefit for children who will enjoy this book and want to read more. Book one is called Andi Unexpected and book 2 is Andi Under Pressure. I received this copy of Andi Unstoppable from the book look bloggers program for my honest review.


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