Your Body Battles Series

Maybe it’s because I have been battling a cold, or maybe it’s because I teach classes of students who are coming to school sick that I found this series of books by Vicki Cobb called Your Body Battles. Ms. Cobb is one of my favorite children’s science authors because she writes clearly and finds an interesting way of doing so that engages her readers. This series has cartoon characters as well as pictures of germs at a microscopic level. If you are looking for trade books that will help you teach health, safety,  and hygiene, look for these titles.

Your Body Battles a Cold

Your Body Battles a Cavity

Your Body Battles a Broken Bone

Your Body Battles a Stomach Ache

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For an extension of activities to do with these books you could:

See how well you hands are washed or how clean surfaces of door handles and counters really are at your house. Grow some bacteria in a culture. To purchase a kit CLICK HERE. I bet that after your child(ren) has done this you won’t have to say, “Wash your hands” very often!

How about x-ray art? You can teach science AND look at the art of x-rays by a gentleman named Nick Veasey. There are x-rays of  a traveler, a granny with her pull-along cart, and a guy with a mohawk to name a few. However, one picture is objectionable, so please preview before showing your child.  CLICK HERE

No child should go through their life without experiencing the red plaque disclosing tablets! If you have never experienced this yourself, you have to try it! To purchase the tablets CLICK HERE You really see where the  plaque builds up along your teeth and gums. A word of caution: do not do this activity just before family pictures are going to be taken. 🙂



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