Mess-free Art Activities


Art seems to be the one activity that gets put off because it can be so messy! I share those sentiments, but perhaps I can provide you with some ways to have your child(ren) do art without causing a huge mess.

Paint squish bags- Put in a sandwich bag two different colors of paint. Close and seal with masking tape. Allow your child to squish it and mix the colors. Little ones love this activity!

Pringles Can Painter- Line an empty Pringles can with a piece of white paper. Put paint on a golf ball and the put it into the can. Roll the can around several times. Take out the ball and wipe off the excess paint. Add another color to the golf ball and repeat the process. Take out the paper and enjoy the design that has been created.

Stamp Art- Stamps can be fun to use and will not be messy if you put the stamps and paper inside a tray.

Pipe Cleaners make great 3-D pictures or models. Your child can make their design and then either glue them on to construction paper or stand them upright to make a free standing model.

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