History and Horses

For some reason it seems like girls are enamored with horses. The dreams of riding and owning a horse are a subject of conversation in many a play group that has girls. I remember a particular school year when my son was the only boy in an art class of nine and one day he came home and exclaimed, “I don’t think I can take it any longer! I want to quit art class.”

I was surprised and asked, “What is it that you can’t take any more in there?”

“All of this talk about horses. That’s all they [the girls] think about!”

Beautiful Feet has a written an award- winning history curriculum called The History of the Horse for horse lovers grades 3-6+. Classic books such as The Black Stallion and Misty  of Chincoteague  that are read throughout the year. If you are interested in purchasing it, there is free shipping on your order. My boys and I did not do this particular study, but have done others of theirs and I highly recommend their products. They are well written and I was able to easily incorporate other books, movies, and additional lessons if I needed to fit my plans. History of Horse Pack - Beautiful Feet Books


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