Writing Prompts for Reluctant Writers

freewriting2Last week I wrote about ways you can help a writer. What if your student is just “stuck”? Here are some prompts to help them. Be sure and give specific instructions to your budding author to avoid short, vague answers and encouraging them to write.

  • If I were an (name an animal) for a day, I would be…
  • The thing I like to do best is…
  • Tell what our favorite season is and why you like it.
  • My favorite food is… because… My least favorite food is… because….
  • I am thankful for…
  • If I could be in charge of my homeschool for a day, I would… (name three things)
  • One video character I would like to be is….
  • A state that I’d like to visit is…
  • The 3 things I like best about homeschooling are…

How about some art with that writing?

  • Create a poster of your favorite of your favorite (book character, super hero, sports star, etc.) Tell why they are your favorite.
  • Make a cover of your favorite book and write why you like the book.
  • Write a story for someone else (sibling, friend, grandparent, etc.) and add illustrations.
  • Draw a scene and create a story to go along with your picture. For instance, a beautiful park could be the scene and the story could be about friends who meet there and what they do there.
  • Create a menu for a restaurant.

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