The First Thanksgiving : Reading and Writing


Here are some reading and writing activities for Thanksgiving. The first activity is a  mini book called  The First Thanksgiving. The book has seven pages which is perfect for young readers. You can also use thees pictures that  summarize the page of information you are reading. There are only six pictures, but the last two pages of the mini book  are similar so there is only one picture to represent both of them. (They are not anything fancy, but it serves the purpose. Feel free to use this idea and get other pictures if you don’t like my selection.) For Thanksgiving pictures, click here-> Thanksgiving Retelling. Cut these out for the activity. Give your student a piece of blank paper and have them write the title, The First Thanksgiving on the top of the page.

After your student reads one page, give him/her a choice of two pictures and choose which one best describes what s/he had read. Glue them on to the First Thanksgiving paper s/he created. Then have him/her write the numeral of the event  in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture. Do this for each page until the book is finished.

After all of the pictures are glued, it is his/her turn to tell you about each of them that s/he had glued onto the paper. Mission accomplished, the retelling of the story is easily done since there is a pictorial representation to refer to when explaining what s/he read.

If you want, you can have your student write out the story on Thanksgiving  themed paper or do one or both of these copywork pages:  Thanksgiving copywork   Thanksgiving copywork2 You can also have your student color the mini book too if you have time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,


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