Co-ops for Spring: Things to Consider

school-clipart13I always post on Mondays, but there is some time sensitive information that I need to get to you before then. Have a great weekend!

If you live here in Cincinnati and were hoping to get into a co-op for the spring, I have good news for you! There are two co-ops that have openings. I will post the information below. If you don’t live here, look into seeing if you can get into a homeschool co-op. Now is the time for spring sign-ups for most co-ops. If you are wanting to wait until next fall to join one, contact the co-op now for information on when sign-ups are for the fall session. They are usually in late winter, either February or early March.

What if you have never been in a homeschool co-op and want to try one, but you aren’t sure where to begin? I was a co- director of a large cooperative here in town and a member for 16 years and understand your caution. It is better to have your questions answered before jumping in. I’d like to offer some advice on things to consider when inquiring about co-ops. No two are alike and if you aren’t satisfied with one, look for another if there are more one in your area. 🙂

  • Where do they meet? Consider drive time. How far are you willing to be in your vehicle to get there and back?
  • What is the cost? The cost of co-ops varies widely, so be sure and ask.
  • What day of the week do they meet? Will that day work for you? Most moms have every intention of getting some school in the day of co-op, but in all likelihood, it won’t happen. Can you plan for a four day a week school or go to school on the weekend if you have to have a five day schedule? Carefully consider this because you will be frustrated and anxious if you were planning on having school on the day of co-op. I was able to have my sons do math before co-op when they were young because they got up at 6:00. As they got older and slept in, I had to adjust my schedule and not count co-op days as a day to get our regular schoolwork completed.
  • How many weeks is the co-op?
  • What are the hours they meet? 
  • Do they have childcare for your little ones? Some co-ops don’t have nursery capability, so if you have a little one and they don’t, will your baby or toddler need to be with you?
  • If the co-op is a full day, can you come for part of the day or do you need to be there all day?
  • Can you come and check out the co-op before signing up? You can get a better idea of how the co-op runs and if it is a good fit for your family by seeing things for yourself.
  • What are the classroom sizes?
  • Do they have a maximum number of students that are in a classroom? You don’t want your child’s class to be overcrowded.
  • What requirements are there for you to join? Do you have to teach a class? Do you have to be an aide? Do you have to be a member of the church?
  • Do you have any free time when you are there? Some co-ops have a policy that you work all the hours you are there, other co-ops say you have an hour free, etc. Co-ops are a great place for you to develop friendships too! I loved going to co-op and visiting with moms. I got a lot of terrific advice and camaraderie from the ladies who I saw each week at the co-op. I still have friends that I meet with as a result of being in a co-op.
  • Is it religiously affiliated? If so, do you have to sign a statement of faith? Some co-ops have you sign a statement of faith, and some do not. If it meets in a church and you are not interested in a worldview that the co-op would be teaching, then you would want to look at a different co-op.

Here are the co-ops that have openings this spring. Be sure the classes you are interested in are open to take new students. You don’t want to put all that time into considering and discussing the classes with your children only to find out the class is not available. Click on the links to obtain more information.

Wisdom’s Way, Milford, Ohio (registration is November 17 and 18) Faith Church

HELP Milford, Ohio  Milford Christian Church

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