A couple of the homeschool gals have asked me about pictures from the wedding. I only have what snapshots that have been sent to me. I didn’t even take one picture!  What was I thinking?? So, without further ado, here are a few…


I love that picture! I will treasure this always.


Husband and wife. The deed is done! Notice the bridal bouquet. Some of the flowers are from my garden. 🙂


I wish this one was bigger, but when I tried to make it bigger, the head of my lovely daughter-in-law was cut off! If you click on it you can see the larger picture.

The wedding was lovely, the reception was beautiful, but most importantly, my son and his **wife!** are extremely happy! Thanks to all of you who prayed and those who sent wedding wishes.


10 thoughts on “Wedding!

  1. Rosie says “ahhhh” and so do !!! She expected a kilt, but we both liked the suit. It’s a good look on him! (No offense, but he appears to be- glowing!)


  2. Stunningly beautiful!!! What a beautiful couple! You must be one proud mama. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. They are in my prayers as they start an amazing life together.


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